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Download EpiGRAPH Source Code Package

EpiGRAPH is a software for genome and epigenome analysis. It was developed to help biomedical researchers make sense of large-scale datasets, which are nowadays routinely generated with technologies such as ChIP-on-chip, tiling microarrays, resequencing and others. See the EpiGRAPH introduction page for more information.

An EpiGRAPH source code package is available for download below. In contrast to the EpiGRAPH web server, this distribution package can operate entirely on tab-separated files and does not require any database access. It is thus much easier to install than a complete web server version of EpiGRAPH and recommended for most researchers who want to operate their own version of EpiGRAPH. If you consider setting up an EpiGRAPH web server with full database access, we can also provide you with the necessary source code release for such an installation. In that case, please contact us by e-mail to discuss the technical details (for example, you have to have an Oracle 10g or 11g database server running in order to run the full EpiGRPAH infrastructure).

Some general rules for using the source code

You'll find the legally binding "small print" in the box below, but here's what I regard as the main points:

  1. We did our best to make sure that the software works and we will be happy to help if problems occur. But it's scientific software provided "as is" and without any warranty.
  2. If you want to publish a paper for which you used our code: That's great, you're welcome to do so! We would appreciate if you send us a copy of the manuscript upon submission (strictly confidential, of course!).
  3. You can share the source code with your immediate colleagues provided that they adhere to these conditions, but anybody else should download the code directly from this page.

Download the source code

Please fill out the following form (asterisks mark mandatory fields) in order to help us keep track of who uses EpiGRAPH, which is very important for planning future directions and extensions for EpiGRAPH. Please also provide a valid e-mail address. We will never share your e-mail address with anyone and we will write you no more than one e-mail per year, when really important new functionality is added to EpiGRAPH.

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